The $25,485 coaching you can get TODAY for peanuts …

I Will Take You By The Hand And Help You Zoom Your Business From 0 (or even -0) To $10,000+ A Month In 28 DAYS Or Less


Introducing :

A Sneak Peek of What You'll Get

A full blown coaching program.

Direct Access To Me

You'll never walk alone - One-on-one consultation calls, direct access to me via email, phone & Skype. I'll guide you every step of the way. I will be FORCING you to succeed. Your success is mine!

28 Days To Success

Every single day for the next 28 days (except weekends), we'll be having daily live coaching calls where I'll be presenting full blown lessons that reveal paint by numbers, the steps you need to take to build and grow your digital empire.

Full Blown Guides & Done For You Resources

Aside from the main training modules and coaching calls, you also get FREE access to all my previous AND upcoming products for the next 12 months including ebooks, video courses, software, and more!

Get Coached By A 7 Figure Marketer For Less Than $1000

One-on-one mentorship by a coach that actually walks the walk...

This Is One Of Your Crossroad Days

Most days are routine. And then - once in a while – a day arrives with the awesome power to transform your life for good or ill, depending solely on the choice you make that day. For example, there’s the day when you decide which college to attend ... then there’s the day you settle on a career … the day you choose your life partner … and then there TODAY …

… when you can choose to either …

Carry on as before, wasting more months and years of frustration that could be used to make you serious money, because you fail to realize just what an amazing (risk free) opportunity I’m offering you here.

OR …

You can realize that every other successful athlete, sportsperson, entrepreneur and internet marketer is successful because they enjoy one-on-one coaching from someone who’s achieved what you want to achieve.

So just picture how your life will be after you’ve enjoyed my coaching and are seeing the reward for your shrewd investment pouring in month after month, in increasing amounts.

How Much?

Digital Empire Bootcamp

$997 Only

One Time Payment

  • 28 Days DAILY Live Training (Digital Empire Bootcamp) - $7500 Value
  • Unlimited Access to me via phone, email & Skype - $5000 Value
  • All past products & all future products for the next 12 months - $6990 Value
  • Done for you pages, exclusive rolodex, resources and copy & paste templates - $2995 Value
  • Exclusive Naidy's First Sale Guarantee - $1500 Value
  • And much more...
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Experience Needed?

It honestly doesn’t matter. If you’re a grass-green noob who has never earned a buck online before, this can work for you. Even if you’ve been at this for years, but real results that were promised by the goo-roos just haven’t come. The only real prerequisites are… Determination (to do whatever it takes to succeed). Desire (as in a burning desire to make this work). You don’t need some fancy-pants education.


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